About The Sinking Fund

The correct operation of a Timeshare Sinking Fund is probably the most vital thing when you own a timeshare. If insufficient money has been put into the Fund then one of two things will happen, either the quality of lodges will fall as there is no money to keep them in good order or owners are made to pay an additional levy to meet these costs.

In simple term you have to save up the correct amount of money to pay for replacements. Using a TV as an example if it costs £350 and you expect it to last for 7 years you need to save £50 each year to replace it - that's a £1 per week to be collected via the Management Fee.

At Keswick Bridge we use a sophisticated financial model to do this and coupled with regular updating of prices and life expectancy based on actual experience or provided by qualified surveyors we have for over 25 years been able to maintain quality whilst ensuring value for money and keeping overall management fee levels within inflation levels.

The Owners Club have a Refurbishment Sub Committee chaired by Linda Rowntree which manages the fund and organises all major projects.

Over the last few years the following major refurbishment projects of all lodges has been undertaken. Lounge (2011), Bedrooms (2009), Internet Broadband (2009), Bathrooms (2007)

The PDF file below details expenditure from the Sinking Fund:-