About the Annual Management Fees

An Annual Management Fee is payable on each week owned at Keswick Bridge. The Budgets and the Management Fee are set by the Keswick Bridge Owners Club.

Management Fees are collected on behalf of the Owners Club by K T Management Ltd.

Management Fees are invoiced in accordance with the rules of Ownership at Keswick Bridge and are detailed in the Memorandum Articles in the link below. 

The Owners' Club explores all opportunities to reduce costs and keep increases in the management fee to a minimum whilst retaining the high quality of the site and lodges.

The 2015 Management Fees (inc VAT) are:-

1 Bed Lodge £409

2 Bed Lodge £480

3 Bed Lodge £551

The Management Fees are payable as follows:-

For Weeks up to Week 20 the due date is December 1st of the preceding year.

For Weeks from 20 to 52 the Fee is payable on January 1st.

The Owners Club offers an instalment payment option to spread the costs over 9 months.

There are 3 main elements to the Management Fee:-

1. The Operations Budget - this is for the day to day running costs of Keswick Bridge and covers everything from Rates, Insurance, Cleaning costs and Laundry.

2. The Sinking Fund Contribution - this is the money we need to put aside to meet the cost of major repairs, replacements and refurbishments.

3. VAT which is payable on some aspects of expenditure.

In broad terms since 1993 the Annual Management Fee has risen in line with inflation.

A full detailed breakdown of Budgets and Management Fees are available in the PDF files below.