Supporting the Keswick Community

Keswick Bridge (Lake District) Appeal: Registered charity number 1168275.

The Keswick Bridge Lake District Appeal was started in 1996 and has proved to be very popular with owners and guests at Keswick Bridge. The Appeal is registered as a Charity and donations qualify for Gift Aid.

The Appeal provides funds to support suitable Lake District projects. It gives visitors the chance to put something back into the local community in return for the pleasure enjoyed from the beautiful landscape. This has become even more important after the devastating floods of 2015.

The Appeal makes grants to support community organisations in Keswick and the surrounding area including grants to clubs and groups for young people, Grants are also made for suitable environmental projects.

A regular grant is made to the Keswick Mountain Rescue Team which provides an important service to walkers and climbers. Manned entirely by volunteers who give up considerable amounts of time to practice, not to mention putting themselves at risk, the Team relies solely on donations to be able to operate.

All the money donated is distributed in grants and there are no administration costs or deductions of any kind. All the trustees are owners at Keswick Bridge.

Enquiries about donations or grants can be made to the Office at Keswick Bridge.

Chairman Tony Savage Presents KMRT with specialised equipment for rescues on frozen and fast water.